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A great new infographic and research from IDC finds 70% of shoppers planning to use the combination of Always On mobile research and Always Connected social network sharing to better inform their mobility-dominated decision journey. And with upwards of 20% of shoppers buying from a retail competitor while in store, retailers have much work to do to combat consumer promiscuity with personalized, real time valuable marketing and messaging.

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More great insight from eMarketer related to the growth of mobile shopping and the ubiquitous nature of digital portability.
In short, the Always On state of mind results in a longer consumer decision journey and shopper path and a greater conscious and unconscious shopping mindshare due to permanent consumer connectivity and exposure to marketing and sales messaging.

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YuMe and Millward Brown Digital have released an infographic detailing best practices for advertisers looking to adapt TV commercials into strong, engaging, interactive digital ads.

Their advice (based on their joint research) is surprising.

In short, interactive changes to existing TV advertising results in better online ad discovery and message takeaway whether the ad was engaged with or not. So don’t be quick to just move your existing video advertising online or to create new video assets. A few tweaks and modifications to your existing assets may be all you need to do to create an ongoing connection and familiar theme with the Always Connected consumer as she moves from TV to smartphone to tablet to desktop.

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October 3, 2013

When properly understood, digital disruption should terrify companies. Unfortunately, convincing senior management to face digital disruption aggressively is not easy. Forrester Research‘s latest video explains why and how not being aggressive will leave too many left behind — replaced by innovative upstart disrupters who take advantage of established business models and steal consumers and profit […]

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September 24, 2013

According to research from mobile ad network Jumptap and comScore, women 25 to 49 years old spend over 60% of their time online using smartphones and tablets versus PCs. This places women significantly ahead of men and has important implications for businesses and brands looking to reach women. If your digital presences aren’t mobility friendly, […]

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